So What The Heck Is A Geek Anyway


A geek is someone who spends his time being “sociable” on a computer. This can mean discussing on irc or icb, playing network, being a pillar of, or even programming sharewares. Someone who uses a computer only for professional reasons but does not spend his free time “on line” is not a geek. Most geeks are technically adept and have a great love for computers, but not all of them are programming magicians. Some know just enough Unix to read their emails and upload their favorite MUDs.

Geeks are usually excluded from the “normal” American society. The degrees of “geekism” are varied: gamers, ravers, science fiction fans, punks, perverts, programmers, nerds, budding geniuses. These people do not go to the festivals of their universities and many would feel insulted if they were supposed to have wanted to go there. Geeks prefer the company of other geeks, in a self-proclaimed madness. So they go on the net organizing parties, food and drink contests as well as video nights, and be sure that their comrades prefer to talk about superheroes as modern mythology rather than the latest football results.


what is a geek

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The geeks constitute their own hyper-informed and literate underground society. The community accepts people of all origins as long as they have access to the Internet and the capabilities to use them. Geeks have a rather open mind about out-of-the-ordinary lifestyles. Many geeks are effeminate and moreover are not monogamous and neo-paganism is the most common religion. We can not recognize a geek by looking at him because he does not have any dress codes, some dress because it is necessary and others prefer silk, may be interfered in the current fashion; You are more likely to see a geek in revival corsage rather than with a glamorous magazine dress or wearing a tie-dye instead of a shirt and tie.

The unwritten principles of the geek claim that originality and strangeness are good, and that blind compliance and stupidity are unforgivable.

Be very careful not to confuse the terms geek and nerd. A nerd does not have a social level, is usually obsessed with science or technology (the geek is rather an IT specialist). Nerds are known for their pocket protectors, custom sunglasses and checkered shirts. Many nerds are also geeks, using the net as a protective screen as they develop their social skills. Although they are rarely seen at geek meetings they feel a little concerned about them.

Geek is also declared as a verb. “Geeker” consists of connecting to the network and reading mail, news, chatting and anything that can spend time in front of a keyboard. This “geekage” (or this “geekation”) lasts several hours, even though the basic intention was “I just connect to see my e-mail”. Some would say that this wasted time would be better used by being sociable or enjoying a ray of sunshine.

There was even a special race of geeks known as b-geeks, coming from the computer where they met. However, many of these b-geeks have evolved, and more have failed, and ucscb has declined in the ucsc system. Now scattered all over the computer, they always meet in electronic forums and do lots of fun things. They are now called scruz-geeks and you can learn more about them on the web